The Promoters Of Superscience

Promoters of Superscience is a school of philosophical and scientific thinkers committed to remove the ignorance and unreality of humanity by propagating superior scientific facts.

Moreover, Promoters of Superscience is a small devout, called out and committed team for the higher level learning of Higher Philosophy leading to Perfect and Ultimate Philosophy and finally to Superscience that unravels the mysteries of the creation of the universe and man. In the manner and form of the ancient Gurukul of India, the stay and study of the team under very austere conditions of recurrent fasting and striving was together with and under its founder M.T. Abraham (The Man of the East is his pseudonym as the author of many books.) in different cities of India like Kochi, Secunderabad, Kolkata and New Delhi.

The members of the team had once belonged to different religions, but are now with the view of considering humanity as their religion. Superscience deals with the origin of the universe including its pre-nuclear stages and also the origin of the abstract faculties of man that are uniquely received from the abstract faculties of the universe. Superior scientific facts are received through the opened third eye of only a unique man having speechless link with distant planets scientifically through the tapping of the motion of waves of ideas and waves of ideologies of the universe which run to and fro throughout the universe.

The medium of learning of such unique man is his Superconscience and his Universal level conscience, attained and acquired in a universal level. The waves of ideas and ideologies passing from a realm beyond infinity and reaching the Universe of time and space, being transformed into Universal ideas, Universal ideologies and Universal knowledge, are then conveyed in the Physical universe of matter through the Universal language-voice which in turn are tapped with the speechless system by such a man and then conveyed to the rest of mankind through such superior scientific experience.

Such unique man does the higher evaluation of superior scientific facts by his mind moving with the waves of ideologies in the universe, thus travelling throughout the universe. So his observation and understanding are directly from the universe, and so the scientific facts propounded by him are bound to be hundred percent authentic.